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We are delighted to introduce our Perform it Better App - Your gateway to reducing stress, lowering anxiety levels, and increasing your concentration in the classroom, at work, at home and on the sports field.

Unlock your potential by completing our quick and effective bean bag challenges, incorporating a carefully crafted series of exercises to boost brain function. Dedicate just two minutes per day, five days a week, over a twelve-month period for noticeable results.

You will receive a daily reminder email to help you stay on track with your journey and the challenge won't advance to the next day until you've marked the current day's task as completed.

At a cost of just £8.99 per month, embark on a path to a calmer, more focused you. Sign up now and we will send you your free bean bag straight to your doorstep

Within the first few weeks you will notice subtle yet impactful improvements that will help you work more efficiently, calm your mind, and lay the foundation for a more centered and balanced lifestyle.

Happy Breakthroughs!

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"Within a few weeks of starting this challenge, the fog had lifted from my mind and I felt a lot calmer." John Caulfield

"I was a dreadful procrastinater, I am an artist and I always put myself under pressure for my spring exhibition. Since starting the bean bag challenge I have continued painting throughout January and February and I am ready for my first exhibition ahead of time." C.L.

"I am making great progress with doing the exercises. Sleep has improved really well and I’m very positive that going forward I will get to have a full nights sleep very soon. I remembered a dream I had last night and that is the first time in as long as I can remember. To say I’m delighted with the progress is an understatement." ❤️ Hillary

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